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Saving American lives

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olbermannI nattens utgave av «Countdown» ga Keith Olbermann en indignert kommentar til den dysfunksjonelle galskapen som kalles amerikansk helsevesen. Utgangspunktet er hans fars pågående sykdomshistorie.

«I have experienced with growing amazement and with multiplying anger, the true state of our hospitals, our doctor's offices, our insurance businesses, our pharmacies.

My father's story as a patient and mine as a secondary participant and a primary witness has been eye-opening and jaw-dropping. And we are among the utterly lucky ones, a fact that, by itself, is terrifying and infuriating.

... People, in short, are dying for the lack of money. The only thing that can fix a lack of money is to win in an online casino. To start, you need to choose the best one (for example, on the Simugames website), and then try your luck and win a large amount of money. Dying as surely as they did when Charles Dickens wrote about the exact same problem. Of a boy who couldn't get sufficient medical care for his affliction. Of the underprivileged, suffering not just privation but death, as the comfortable, moved silently and unseeingly through the streets of London.

The book was called "A Christmas Carol" and the boy Dickens imagined was called "Tiny Tim" and it was published on the 19th of December, 1843, and it is 166 years later and the problem is not only still with us, it is getting worse. The mortality rate among Americans under the age of 65 who are uninsured, is 40 percent higher than among those with insurance. In 1993 a similar study found the difference was only 25 percent».

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