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A quiet toast, in bewildered surprise

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a quiet toastOf course, on this peculiar third Monday of January, there should be toasts for MLK and Parks and Lewis and all.

But I''ll give this one to the defiant white lady with the funny hat, who kept selling tickets for northern jazz bands in Greenwood, Mississippi in 63, because she loved the magic of Dolphy's soul.

And to the skinny white kid from Vermont, marching down south that year, when Wallace proclaimed "segregation forever", and Bull Connor turned his dogs on kids in Selma, Alabama.

And to the white chick who hang around Birdland with Miles, the night he was beaten by a cop because he hang around Birdland with a white chick, that great year of 59, when he made 'Kind of Blue'.

And, you know - to the rest of you people, from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, who shared the man's dream.

Cheers, also to you, on this day.

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