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You are all FILTHY PIGS!!

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I am just APPALLED at the FILTH that I read in this newsgroup! You should all be ASHAMED of yourselves, every one of you!

When my TV acting career took a nose dive back in the eighties, I decided to dedicate my life to starving poor little children in third world nations. Children who have only tattered dirty little rags to cover their sweaty fly covered little genitals.

After all my SACRIFICE, how can you sit there making your little jokes about PAIN and MISERY? Do any of you even KNOW what misery is? Why, just the other day I met a little girl named Marialita. She was so sweet and was fascinated by my wrist watch, so I took it off and let her play with it. It was so sad - she’s probably never even seen a real Rolex before. But then she started to CHEW on it! So I slapped her in the face, and yanked my watch away from her! I mean, did she think it was FOOD or something? The ignorant little bitch! Anyway, we got some good footage of her crying, empty handed, with nothing but a dirty little rag covering her sweaty little vagina.

It’s no wonder that there are so many children in these little villages; the men here are almost constantly thrusting their loins at me whenever they see me. My cameraman says that he’s never seen them do that, but I notice it even if nobody else does! They probably dream of running their grubby paws over the flesh of my breasts - of tearing my clothing from my body, and having their evil way with me in the village square in some primitive fertility ritual!

These images haunt me in the hot humid evenings after a long day shooting another appeal, standing knee deep in excrement and broken glass… I can just imagine myself in my mobile home, here amid the squaller and filth, soaking in my hot tub when all of a sudden the door is kicked in and ten or more filthy native men rush in and grab me - dragging me, helpless, from my bath! My indignant screams of protest would most likely be in vain, and would only serve to excite them even more!

native menAs the savages grasp my limbs, they spread my arms and legs wide. I’d wriggle and squirm, but it’s no use for they are too powerful! Soon, I would feel a hand probing at my nether region, and then roughly fondling me down there! Oh the SHAME! More hands ravage my naked flesh, all of them roughly pawing at me, wanting me,

TAKING ME!! They would abuse my helpless body in any way they wanted - panting, slobbering … Then, the largest one - the tribal ruler - would stand before me, looking down at me, appraising me as though I were an animal at an auction. He would allow his dirty rag to slip from his lewdly thrusting loins to expose his monstrous staff.

After he had had his fill of all of my orifices, the others would take me! It would last all through the night, but finally they would defficate on me and leave me to curl up in the fetal position on the cold lenolium floor weeping and sobbing over my defiled womanhood.

Oooh it’s all so DISGUSTING!! And they’re all just like YOU! All of them! FILTHY DISGUSTING SWINE!!


"We are the world! We are the children! We are the ones to make a better life, so lets start givin’!"

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