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Korrekt runking under fasten

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Atomproblemer, FN-besvær og alskens styr til tross. Irans øverste leder, Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei tar seg likevel tid til å instruere sine landsmenn om korrekt runkepraksis under fasten, på statsledelsens primære hjemmeside. Det kaller jeg oppofrelse.

Reglene for riktig runking gis i venstrekolonnen på statssjefens hjemmeside: Practical Laws of Islam - Fasting - Masturbation.


Q 782: I had an emission during the blessed month of Ramadan for no reason other than excitement that I felt during a telephone conversation with a non-mah?ram woman. If the phone conversation was not for the purpose of pleasure, is my fast invalid? And if it is, do I have to pay kaffarah as well?
A: If you had not been in the habit of having emission while conversing with a woman and the semen was discharged involuntarily, then your fast is valid and you are not liable to anything.

Q 784: Is it permissible for a husband to masturbate using his wife’s hand?
A: It is not an instance of haaram masturbation.

Q 787: Is it permissible for a man to have sexual excitement through imagining his own wife or a non-mahaaram woman?
A: In the first case, there is no objection to it unless it leads to ejaculation. In the second case, it is a caution to avoid doing so.

Q 789: If someone who is fasting looks at a sexually arousing scene during the month of Ramadan and becomes junub, does it invalidate his fast?
A: If he looks in order to ejaculate, he knows that he will become junub if he looks at it, or he is in the habit of that yet looks at it intentionally and becomes junub, then, the rule of intentionally becoming junub applies to him. So he should observe both qadaa’ and kaffarah.

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